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Accrete Values

Accrete accrete – an increase in size by natural growth or gradual addition - The growing together of separate parts into a single whole’. Macquarie Dictionary

Accrete’s Mission statement:

Accrete designs, delivers and manages quality training, assessment and consultancy options to facilitate your success.

Business Philosophy:

The Accrete business philosophy can be simply explained - we will ensure high value for money by providing an effective product with sustained workplace benefits whilst earning the relationship with our customers. Simply put, Accrete is the best product provided by the best people for the best result.

Our Values

We have developed Accrete's values for success and believe it is important that they are displayed internally and externally. Our values are paramount to our organisation and we are happy to share them with you:

C - commitment
O - ownership
P - professionalism
T - teamwork
A – accountability

Purpose Designed Training Facilities

Accrete has completed construction of Phase 2 of a purpose designed training facility at 24 Mendis Road, East Arm. This facility currently provides for the delivery of all our safety courses and some people, teams and business development training.

We are located on a purpose built site which accommodates administration and amenities buildings, storage, classrooms and purpose built infrastructure for practical exercises. This includes, a leading edge working at heights tower, two confined space entry areas which provides for vertical and horizontal exercises, an area for breathing apparatus exercises and a small but effective fire pit for extinguisher training.

We have completed an upgrade of our HUET facility as part of our accreditation to deliver OPITO programs. Pool decking and shade sail provides improved amenities and comfort for participants. Lifeboat and Heliwinch platforms and a smoke evacuation facility have also been built. As a consequence Accrete is the only OPITO accredited provider in Australia north of Perth. In addition, these improvements provide additional Sea Survival, Confined Space and Breathing Apparatus facilities.

Accrete provides both outside and air-conditioned eating areas as well as off-street parking.
We currently have three dedicated classrooms with an additional room which is functional as a classroom when required.

Phase 3, which is intended to be complete in 2011/12, will include the addition of a further classroom, an upgrade of the current participant amenities, additional storage, extended parking and a purpose built fire training ground.

Accrete constantly seeks to add to its capacity and range of training equipment. Where practical, Accrete endeavours to purchase and use the most popular equipment available to enhance the probability of using the same equipment in training as our clients have on site.

Job Opportunities at Accrete

Accrete welcome any enquiries from interested facilitator/trainers who wish to be involved with a very dynamic training organisation. Accrete is pleased to offer our facilitators ongoing Professional Development opportunities. If you have the desire and enthusiasm for training and people development we know you will feel rewarded working for Accrete.   

We understand that when you are training, sometimes you don't have the time to catch up with other trainers and also find time for your own professional development investment. Accrete have established a network of facilitators and host a monthly facilitator meeting to assist you in keeping in touch and up-to-date. 

If you are interested in what Accrete may be able to offer you please contact our General Manager who will organise to catch up. We are more than happy for interested trainers to come and have a look at our style of training and facilities. 

Accrete is currently looking for trainers in the following areas to train within the Northern Territory:

  • Confined Space Entry 
  • Work Safely at Heights
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape & Sea Survival (HUET)
  • Use Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
  • OHS Safety Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • OHS Consultancy
  • Management/Leadership programs
  • Quality Management systems
  • Workplace Communication
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management


We offer the following accredited qualifications:     

      ~ Diploma of Leadership and Management
      ~ Certificate IV of Leadership and Management 

Leadership and Management Training including:
      ~ Strategic and Operational Planning
      ~ Change Management
      ~ Performance Management and the Art of Feedback
      ~ Conflict Resolution
      ~ Appropriate Workplace Behaviour
      ~ Emotional Intelligence
      ~ Workplace Health & Safety
      ~ Individualised coaching and mentoring programs. 
      ~ Communication Skills
      ~ Effective Business Writing
      ~ Supervision Skills
      ~ Time Management
      ~ Presentation Skills
      ~ Team Building 

The 'Essentials Package' for NT Public Servants incorporating:
      ~ The Essentials of Management
      ~ Performance Management & the Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
      ~ Finance for Cost Centre Managers
      ~ Managing Procurement 1 (Tier 1)
      ~ Managing Procurement 2 (Tier 2)



Accrete has been awarded the Northern Territory Training Entitlement Package which enables us to provide a fully funded Certificate IV in Leadership and Management to Territorians. 

Training begins in August 2016 and will take 12 months to complete.  Participants will attend 2 days training per month with all assessments completed in class. 

For an information kit please email Rob Staples on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Accrete has been permanently located in the NT since 1 July 2005.  We currently operate from premises in The Gardens, Darwin, and all training is provided either at client training rooms or through the hiring of local facilities. 

The owner and all employees of Accrete live locally, and are committed to supporting local business through the purchase of supplies and incidentals, and venue hire.  






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