We provide one-on-one leadership and management coaching for executive, senior, middle and first line managers or supervisors. As the responsibilities of being a leader have become increasingly complex it is sometimes prudent to seek outsider perspective and counsel in relation to the many confidential and delicate issues that a leader faces.

Our approach: We believe that the key to a successful coaching relationship is a good fit between the two parties. Before we agree to provide coaching services we will meet with the candidate to discuss the outcomes that are being sought and the level of time and effort that will be required. This also provides the parties with an opportunity to get to know each other well enough to determine if the fit is an effective one.

If both parties agree to proceed then regular discussions are held to workshop issues as they arise.


Team Building

Teams are more efficient and collaborative when they have a clear and common aim, a shared understanding of their purpose and the role that each team member plays in achieving that purpose, and when the relationships within them are built on trust and mutual respect. In much the same way that we service our cars, it is prudent to consider putting your team in for a service every now and then.

We provide a range of team building services including:


  • Half-day or full day workshops targeted at giving the team time out of the work unit to refresh their understanding of what their organisation is all about, why their job exists and how workplace culture can make or break a team. ‚ÄčThese workshops also

Delivery of a series of workshops with each workshop focussing on a different theme including, for example:

  • The big picture (Vision, Mission, Strategic and Operational objectives);
  • Workplace culture (Values and expected behaviours);
  • Conflict resolution and how to have difficult conversations;
  • Emotional intelligence and the importance of professionalism