We have facilitators who are accredited to conduct the following profiling tools:

  • DiSC: Behaviour profiling tool
  • HBDI - Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument: Thinking preference profiling tool

Get in touch with us to discuss how these tools can help you and your team better understand each other and improve working relationships.
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DISC is the most widely used behavioural model in the world and has been utilised:

  • In over 50 countries
  • By more than 350 of Fortune 500 companies
  • By in excess of 40 million people

DISC Profile® is tested, tried and trusted. It is the assessment favoured by organisations such as Australia Post, Dodo, SBS, iPRIMUS, University of NSW, Commander Phone Systems, Fire & Rescue NSW, Datacom, Salvation Army Employment Plus, Royal Flying Doctor Service and many more.

The DISC Profile® Assessment is a resource for individuals and organisations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people.

The ability to create rapport with people is a fundamental skill in sales, management, personal relationships, and everyday life. The goal of the DISC Profile® Assessment is to help you create personal chemistry and productive relationships. You don’t have to change your personality; you simply have to understand what drives people and recognise your options for effectively dealing with them.

The DISC Profile® assessment is valuable for individuals and all types of organisations; public or private; large or small. Unlike many other behavioural assessments, the DISC Profile® Assessment is as much prescriptive as it is descriptive! In other words, the assessment spends as much time teaching you how to improve your own productivity and interpersonal interactions as it does describing your natural DISC behavioural style.

For more information on the DiSC tool please visit the official DiSC website at www.discprofile.com.au.


The HBDI® (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument) is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the degree to which we think in the four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model. The data helps us adapt our thinking preferences to communicate effectively, improve decision making and problem solving.

After completing the survey, you will receive a comprehensive HBDI® Profile report that includes in-depth interpretation of the results, reference material about the Whole Brain® Model, comparison data, and activities for further exploration and development. You also have access to the HBDI® app for immediate insight and application upon completion of the survey.​

For more information on the HBDI tool please visit the official website at www.herrmann.com.au/hbdi-and-programs